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New Beginnings Wellness Center - Longview/Kelso | MMJ Card

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(888) 392-9772
Wed: 10am-5pm
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New Beginnings Wellness Center - Longview/Kelso | MMJ Card New Beginnings Wellness Center - Longview/Kelso | MMJ Card

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Medical Marijuana Card in Longview, WA 98632

At New Beginnings Wellness Center we specialize in the use of cannabis as a beneficial form of alternative medicine. Our expert staff is highly trained in the medical properties of cannabis, and we look forward to assisting new patients in discovering how medical marijuana can help their individual ailments.

New Beginings Wellness Center - Longview/Kelso WA Medical Marijuana Card

We require all patients to have a valid form of Washington identification at the time of their appointment. Our licensed medical professionals will review each patient's individual medical history prior to the appointment.

For patients with a Low-Income status in the State of Washington, we offer discounted medical marijuana evaluations for $140 (some form of documentation required to qualify for discount).


  1. Must buy clomid online be 18+ Years Old*
  2. Must buy generic propecia online have valid WA Identification or Driver's License at the time of the appointment*
  3. Request clomid online an appointment online*
  4. Please bring your current medical records relating to your condition(s). If you do not have your records, please bring with you the A) Name of your current physician or primary care provider, and B) the Phone Number at which they can be reached.*


  • If buy kamagra you do not have medical records, we will provide a comprehensive medical examination for an additional $45, where we will become your primary care provider.

New Beginnings Wellness Center - Longview/Kelso | MMJ Card

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